Tuesday, April 11, 2017

one foot

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
A reflection on college admissions, life changes, things.

"8) go to school. learn something i want. pick the place best for me, not my grades."

I haven't posted on here since last year, and I like the way this lets me keep track of time. 
I didn't apply to any official Ivy League college.
I could have, and maybe it's because I always expect rejection, but I decided not to (to my father's initial dismay).
I don't know where I am going yet. 
I know: I got into amazing schools. I got into the one school I've been dreaming of since freshman year, and into the schools I've fallen head over heels for since junior year. I might not end up attending those, but 
I know: I will spend the next four years doing something I love, learning things I love. Museums and subcultures and road trips and subways are all in my future. 
There are less than 40 school days left. 
I have friends going all over the United States, Europe, even Mexico. Always a warm couch to crash on (or at least have coffee with). 
It's weird, because sometimes I cannot see myself doing anything other than this: school, gallery on the odd days, schoolwork, pilates if there's any time. Yet I know there is so much more: there are women's colleges that have opened their doors for me. There are blue islands in seas of red that I cannot wait to visit.
I know: I do not like not knowing. 
Yet, I know that I can make these last 30-something days count. I can protect my legacy. 

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