Monday, May 2, 2016

napowrimo: dear god, I suck at time

Monday, May 2, 2016
the paint chip calendar on my wall still says that it is flyway, april 30th,
so technically, this is not late. 
lacewing, darling, covers my every curve as I wait for your
minuet (just a minute)
and suffocate.
 I am now:
  1. A dancing queen (only seventeen)
  2. Beginning to journey into the wondrous world of college applications 
  3. Officially studying for AP Exams
  4. On my first week of Whole30
  5. Registered with the Social Security
  6. No longer a Salvadoran national, apparently
  7. Part of the Monterrey Art World (TM)
  8. With hair too long to stand
  9. Procrastinating on chemistry homework.
I am getting my life together after a few weeks (a month) of disaster, of stage lights and Hamilton, of late nights and anxiety attacks, of breakdowns and breakups. It is possible. It is possible. 

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