Friday, April 1, 2016

napowrimo 2016: the first poem

Friday, April 1, 2016

It's April, and that means National Poetry Writing Month! More info can be found here. I'm also adding a few art pieces here and there that can somehow, somehow tie to the poem.
Prompt: a lune (5-3-5 syllables)

mírame vos, hoy
                           nos vamos
perdoname, yo

            pero yo quiero
tu luna,
       nar lunático

y te veo en
   siento en
  quiero en mí:

there are new things that
   make me feel
better than you did.

Scene from The Ivy (Yadorigi), chapter 49 of the Tale of Genji
From the Met. "Scene from Yadorigi, chapter 49 of the Tale of Genji" by the Studio of Tawaraya Sotatsu. 

This is a hanging scroll, attributed to the studio of Tawaraya Sotatsu, that belongs to the Edo period in Japanese history, specifically, yamato-e painting. Yamato-e symbolizes a creation, and solidification, of Japanese identity-- which was previously deeply influenced by Chinese culture. It is ironic that what can be perceived as a schism in Asian art often depicts scenes of romance, such as the one pictured above (albeit a necessary schism).
I like to think of Genji as the Jack Harkness of the 9th century.

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