Sunday, April 12, 2015

what is love? the follow-up

Sunday, April 12, 2015
we had to write a blogpost for english class on what love meant for us (here's mine). it took an entire afternoon, dance class, three poems, and twenty minutes to write.
(I also went all second-wave feminist on another post and apparently became famous throughout the english department)
Things have changed a bit since then.

love is volatile, love is persistent, love is complicated and everywhere. for a while I thought I would never experience love the way everyone told me I would, should. love was mystical, a milestone reached only by a lucky few. it was something I never understood. making up crushes, denying crushes, defining crushes, it's all still pretty new and confusing. love is unfathomable. love is here.

"it just means you have more love to give"

not about one person but about many, hopefully you'll find something to relate to.
not about being in love, but about being hopeful, desolate, and everything in between. 
yes, it features the mountain goats twice. 

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