Sunday, February 22, 2015

why o why o why o

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Instead of flying back to El Salvador for winter break, we flew up north to visit family.
And by up north, I mean way up north.
As in, Ohio.
Land of conservatives and below-freezing temperature, meet the bi tropical liberal.
It was actually really nice, and the three weeks flew by so quickly.
And and and we got to see snow !!!

sunset plane rides
actual picasso @ the cleveland art museum
and a Rembrandt-imitating apprentice, for that matter (!!)
 yarn b-bomb
cutest little italy streets. let me live here.
the most delicious cannoli
and sunsets (more here)
lil tiny froggies
antique stores. everywhere.
...not that I'm complaining.
take me to church.
suburbs aren't that bad
chagrin falls (?) or one of the many
railroad tracks, very dirty boots
my ride's here.
burned for the new year / a refreshing tradition
great lakes science center: SPACE
jeni's (very) splendid ice cream
amidst a snowstorm, we have ice cream #salvi
the first snow! blurry blurry
half expected amy pohler to barge out
so. white. (somewhere above the US)

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