Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Six Teen Room Essentials

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Source: 79ideas.
Decorating or redecorating a room is one of the simple pleasures in life. Well, not so simple. Do you get rid of all your precious childhood trinkets, or the bed, or change the curtains? Do not fear, because today, I will going to show you the 6 teen room essentials that create the perfect base for redecorating your room.

1. Bedframe. 

If you're anything like me, you spend most of your time a) laying in bed or b) scrolling through tumblr, or both. With that in mind, make your bed pretty! My favorite right now is this diy pallet bed frame from fox and flourish (with the view too, please):

 To make it, simply sand and stack four pallets together. Pretty easy and original!

2. Mirror.

Be it to do your makeup in the morning or to take #OOTD photos or to do funny faces, a mirror comes in handy. Not to mention that if placed on the right wall, they maximize light and space. If you're not huge on staring at a reflection, cool mirror art will still reap all the benefits of having a conventional mirror but will cover most of the reflection.

3. Desk.

To do artsy stuff, to write your last minute essays for school, or to just place your laptop / writing utensil of choice, a desk is necessary. Especially to do stuff like pretend you are a writer from the nineteenth century penning your next (period) drama.

4. A shelving unit.

Avid readers know how big of a lifesaver a good shelving unit can be. Even though this HJALRMAREN Wall shelf, from ikea, is primarily a bathroom unit, you can totally use it it your new room. Or even make your own diy ladder shelf!
Ikea DIY bookcase. Mayybe something similar with mine?
no source, any help?

5. Closet space.

As teenagers, we grow out of clothes as quickly as newborns. Or as slowly. Those sweatshirts that have fit you ever since five years ago deserve their shrine, or at least a hanger. If your room has no closet, cubbies 
and adjustable curtain rods to create a DIY closet that is anything but tiny. Or buy a vintage wardrobe! Whatever your choices, make sure to chuck those items you no longer wear or don't fit you. Make a t-shirt quilt or donate them, it's your call!

6. Bedside table.

This is simple. Bedside tables are there for you when you can't sleep and need to grab something to read. They can display your favorite perfumes , alternatively, a charging phone. They are the ultimate sleep companion and quite useful place for a catchall. 

Now that you have constructed the perfect blank canvas for your soon-to-be new room, go wild! Pick a theme that you like, bring in all your favorite decorations, buy or make art to hang on the wall. Don't be afraid to experiment!

What about you? Any plans to redecorate this summer? What do you have in mind?

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