Friday, May 16, 2014

how to wear dungarees

Friday, May 16, 2014
htw dungarees

As part of the muumuu zine project, I decided to write a little "how to wear" for dungarees! Dungarees are basically overalls, but they usually are a little shorter. My favorite pair is the  Zara denim dungaree. It's simple, light wash, and has adorable adjustable (knotted!) straps for us shorties out there. 

Outfit choices:

1. A print tee shirt. For this particular page, I chose the formiga ss sweater from weekday. Wearing a print tee under dungarees adds interest and covers up what is usually more revealing about this piece. 
2. A crop top. American Apparel's printed rayon blouse (sadly, this pattern is not available anymore) is amazing. It adds just the right punch of color!
3. A bandeau. The Seafolly Shimmer twist bandeau bikini top was originally meant for swimwear, but who cares, right? It's perfect for beating the heat and adds contrast to the light blue of the dungarees. 
4. A bustier. Bustiers are perfect for those who like a little more support but adore the look of a bandeau. I present to you the erotica lace bustier from NastyGal. As an added bonus: the pretty lace adds a touch of texture to otherwise boring denim.


1. Tights. As Araina from Miss Tasmin so kindly demonstrates, tights and dungarees can work together amazingly. For added quirkiness, these space patterned tights are a must (I might get them for ballet one of these days ;) )
2. A cardigan. For those of you with consistently cold weather (I envy you so much!), layering a simple-- but cute-- cardi over the piece might just be the best thing ever. For those of us with a more tropical climate, or even for summer, this Sheinside white crochet cardigan gives just that bit of oomph while still letting us breathe. 


  1. That pair of dungarees is so cute!! I love the idea of pairing it with a bustier since it has such a sweet look on its own.

    xo freshfizzle

    1. They're even cuter in person, and the fabric is so soft! You should definitely get them.


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