Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Ballet Chronicles: Dream Wardrobe

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

source: Edward Germain Hilaire. Wikipedia Commons.

To make it short: I have been dancing on and off ever since I was two, but starting July 2013, I settled down at  My Place Studio, in El Salvador. It's definitely small, but the teacher is amazing and I will never forget all the friends there.  However- with the move to Monterrey, I will have to start fresh and find a new studio. The Ballet Chronicles will be a small section of this blog to document that journey!

With that said, here's my dream ballet wardrobe. Tutus and tulle, oh my. 

Tutus. Tutus everywhere. 
Source: a lovely photoshoot of Shelby , of Tutus and Tea, by the team at traveling mama.

Yumiko leotards 5ever. Especially that color combo, oh my. 

Source: I don't even know tumblr's  photoshoot by  Oliver Endahl. 

The Nutcracker is my favorite ballet and the fuel of my passion. So this has to be included. 
New York City Ballet's Nutcracker costumes.
Source: NYC Ballet costumes, picture by Kelli Jo. on flickr.

Anything and everything Cloud and Victory. Especially these: 
Image of 25% off - The Markova SweaterImage of Scalloped Lace Ballet Wrap Skirt - PeachImage of The Fouetté Oversized Boyfriend ShirtImage of The Turnout Cropped Top
just look at those beauties. fouettés are the best thing ever. and peach.

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